Disposable Exposure III

On November 3rd, FSP Outdoors and Maine Project hosted a photo show at Oxbow Blending and Bottling in Portland, Maine. At this event we auctioned off donated items and prints of the photos below to benefit a local organization Cultivating Community.

This year we collected these double exposures by sending a roll of film out to one photgrapher to shoot. They shot the roll on their camera, then sent it back and we passed that same roll of film on to the second photographer. The second photographer then exposed over what the first photographer had already shot. 

Check out the random beauty all these photgraphers created, and see you next year... 



Amanda Manning & Cait Bourgault

amanda cait1.jpg
amanda cait2.jpg
amanda cait4.jpg
amanda cait5.jpg
amanda cait6.jpg
andrew joe carter1.jpg
andrew joe carter2.jpg
andrew joe carter3.jpg
andrew joe carter4.jpg
andrew joe carter5.jpg

Anne Taylor & Brian Goding

brian anne1.jpg
brian anne3.jpg
brian anne4.jpg

Blair Kemp & Corey McKenna

blair corey1.jpg
blair corey2.jpg
blair corey3.jpg
blair corey5.jpg
blair corey6.jpg
james sarah1.jpg

Joe Lacey & André Beriau

joe lacey andre1.jpg
joe lacey andre2.jpg

Lydia Marquis & Conrad Carpenter 

lydia conrad1.jpg
lydia conrad2.jpg
lydia conrad3.jpg
lydia conrad4.jpg
joe mark3.jpg
joe mark2.jpg