Disposable Exposure II

On October 2nd, Fan Si Pan and Maine Project hosted a photo show/ auction at Oxbow Blending & Bottling in Portland, Maine. The event was a fundraiser to benefit Cultivating Community. Please click the link to see more about what they do.

This year we loaded the same waterproof disposable cameras from last year with black and white film. Again we gave them to one photographer who shot the roll of film then returned the camera. The same film was then reloaded in the camera and sent to another photographer to shoot. We did this with 10 rolls of film creating double exposures by 20 photographers, 2 photographers collaborating on each roll.

We had flooded cameras stuck shutters and plenty of light leaks, but every roll had some great stuff. See you next year...


Anne Kohler & Rich Vessey

Corey Mckenna & Reid Allen

Joe Radano & Jimmy Collins

Reggie McCafferty, Jeremy Davenport & Laura Williams

Ryan Smith & Blair Kemp

Sam Shupe & Cait Bourgault


Yusuke Matsushima & Andrew Foster

Zak Quiram & Sam Mckenna